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Escuela Atzavara
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She has lived in Barcelona since 1958 and currently in Sant Quirze del Vallés, graduated in Applied Arts and specialized in Tapestry. She attends refresher courses regularly, has worked in teaching since 1985 in different Schools and Workshops and created her own Workshop-School in 2007, together with Elisa Ensenat.

Her work is of constant creation, combining materials such as linen, jute, wool and cotton, where the technique is absolutely essential, although investigating at the same time other new materials, such as acetate, paper, metal, that are completely different.

She mixes up her fabrics with paints and constructs fabrics away from the loom by means of other techniques, always in search of new results and effects.

She has a special weakness for the transparencies, working yarns forming bodies and fabrics without weft

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